Esperanza, on right, receives food from one of our volunteersWe are so proud of one of our clients for accomplishing a big goal. Esperanza Adeoye, is the first member of her family to graduate college. She graduated from Mountain View College in June receiving an Associate's Degree of Science. "I have always wanted to make a difference in peoples lives. Nursing is a good way to do that." said Esperanza. It has been hard for the 36 year old mother of three to go to school Mon - Fri and work double shifts on the weekend, but she has accomplished her goal. "I think, rather than stopping my education, I want to get a business degree so I will be more able to support my kids. The Cedar Hill Food Pantry helps put food on our table that might not be there depending on my salary alone."she said. Congratulations, Esperanza, we are so proud of you. Good Luck.

Twila and her children are survivors - Hurricane Katrina Survivors. They are labeled as an independent group. Twila, is not only a single mom she is hearing impaired. To quote her daughter,"Mom always puts us kids first. Our home is always blessed with the love of God." Twila has found employment with AAFES.

In March 2010, Linda and her husband Melvin came to Texas with high hope the job market would be better here than their home state of California. Linda, an experienced Executive Secretary, has exhausted every lead. She is willing to take any job. The same story with Melvin, an experienced warehouse supervisor. Their story is only one of 300 other families being served by Cedar Hill Food Pantry.

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Our Monthly Needs

  • 1.460 tomato products
  • 2,920 cans of vegetables
  • 1,460 soups
  • 1,460 cans of fruit
  • 1,460 cans of meat
  • 1,460 pkgs of pasta, rice, or dried beans
  • 1,460 boxes of cereal

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